Food & Cognition group


  • We released our website about the lifestyle intervention research program dedicated towards Maintaining Optimal Cognitive function In Aging

Accepted for publication in 2022 (for previous ones, see Publications)

  • C. van Dun, I. Lisi, J.van Diepen, G. Gross, G. Janzen, and E. Aarts (2022). Development of Spatial Orientation in Two-to-Three-Year-Old Children in Relation to Lifestyle Factors. Nutrients 14(16), 3322;

Presubmission preprints

  • L.K. Janssen, I. Duif, A.E.M. Speckens, I. van Loon, J.H.M. de Vries, R. Cools, E. Aarts. The effect of an 8-week mindful eating intervention on anticipatory reward responses in the midbrain. link