Food & Cognition group

Recently accepted for publication

  • M Bloemendaal, MI Froboese, BB Zandbelt, O van de Rest, R Cools, E Aarts (in press). Neuro-Cognitive Effects of Acute Tyrosine Administration on Reactive and Proactive Response Inhibition in Healthy Older Adults. eNeuro link
  • J Wegman, I van Loon, PAM Smeets, R Cools, E Aarts (2018). Top-down expectation effects of food labels on motivation. NeuroImage. link
  • LK Janssen, I Duif, I van Loon, JHM de Vries, AEM Speckens, R Cools, E Aarts (in press). Greater mindful eating practice is associated with better reversal learning. Scientific Reports. link
  • M van Holstein, M Froböse, J O’Shea, E Aarts, R Cools (2018). Controlling striatal function via anterior frontal cortex stimulation. Scientific Reports. link
  • J Naaijen, DJ Lythgoe, MP Zwiers, CA Hartman, PJ Hoekstra, JK Buitelaar & Aarts E (2018). Anterior cingulate cortex glutamate and its association with striatal functioning during cognitive control. European Neuropsychopharmacology. link
  • Miquel S, Champ C, Day J, Aarts E, Bahr BA, Bakker M et al. (2018). Poor cognitive ageing: Vulnerabilities, mechanisms and the impact of nutritional interventions. Ageing Res Rev. Dec 15;42:40-55. link

Pre-submission pre-prints

  • Papalini S, Michels F, Kohn N, Wegman J, van Hemert S, Roelofs K, Arias-Vasquez A, Aarts E. Stress matters: a double-blind, randomized controlled trial on the effects of a multispecies probiotic on neurocognition. link
  • RJ van Holst, LK Janssen, P van Mierlo, GJ Lammers, R Cools, S Overeem, E Aarts. Enhanced food-related responses in the ventral medial prefrontal cortex in orexin-deficient narcolepsy patients. link
  • LK Janssen, I Duif, AEM Speckens, I van Loon, JHM de Vries, R Cools, E Aarts. The effect of an 8-week mindful eating intervention on anticipatory reward responses in the midbrain. link